Black Walnut Disks

1" thick, chainsaw cut. Tell me how large diameter you want. 2" up to 16".

Hedge Balls

When in season

These have been used by old-timers forever to hang in closets, etc. to drive away spiders and bugs from clothing. I've seen on design shows, people now use them as unique table decorations or hollow out a cylinder and use them as organic, tapered candle holders.

Many of my horses think they're tasty but I do not think people should try to eat them.

75 cents per ball.


When in season

Barbed Wire

Old and rusted or new. $1 per foot.

Have your tetanus shots current before playing with this stuff.

Horse Hair

Quantity limited. I don't want to scalp my horses!  I do have 27 to groom  however:-)
Mane hair is finer than tail hair.

Colors available: Chestnut, sorrel, & black

Hollow Chicken Eggs

I pulled the contents out through one end so a button or other piece will cover the hole made nicely. The aracuana eggs vary from pale turquoise to light mintish green. $3 per egg and I only have 3 dozen available for sale.